About Us

Maleducat makes etiquette and people skills accessible to everyone.

Etiquette and people skills help us have a happier life. They are crucial to making friends, finding a partner, advancing in our profession, and being well-liked and respected individuals.

However, etiquette and people skills are a source of inequality too. Today, most of us learn such crucial skills from our families. People from well-off families receive better etiquette and people skills education and thus have access to more and better opportunities.

In the lingua franca of the Mediterranean, “maleducat” means rude, impolite, and bad-mannered. We chose this name because somehow we all are “maleducats” that need help to learn, improve, and be our best selves on any occasion. 

Why learn etiquette, modern manners, and soft skills

Research shows that over 80% of personal and professional success happens thanks to soft skills. How we interact with people is 4 times more important than our technical skills. 

Furthermore, our world keeps changing at breakneck speed. Every day, our societies become more open. More multicultural. More modern. The people skills appropriate for our modern societies change at the same speed.

Our mission 

We want to help our readers succeed in life. Not by helping them to get ahead of others. By helping them to develop their social skills. To become more confident in our fast-changing world. Etiquette, modern manners, and social skills help us understand each other. If more of us speak the same social languages, our societies will keep improving. 

The website: a free resource for soft skills

Our website is a free resource. We are building a comprehensive library about soft and people skills. We want our readers to become more confident in any situation. Better at first impressions, at interacting with others, in their personal life, or at work.


The information on every page is the result of research. We consult multiple sources.

  • Books.
  • Online resources.
  • Well-respected professionals.
  • Journalists and writers.
  • Etiquette consultants.
  • Soft-skills trainers.

Then, we present a synthesis of the information we gathered. Each page includes links to some resources. The bibliography page includes other sources.

We appreciate any feedback, request, or contribution. Please contact us for requests, comments, or to report errors or inaccuracies.